What to do When a Car Engine Overheats?

The engine is like the brain of the car, and it holds all the power required to help your car function properly. Without an engine, your car would be nothing. It is made up of several parts working together in order to create energy for moving your vehicle. Cylinders, pistons, valves, and spark plugs are the main component of a car engine. Your car engine has to be maintained properly to avoid any large and expensive issues with the car.

Why Does a Car Engine Overheat?

Engines can overheat for several reasons, and it is mainly because of something wrong with the cooling system especially if the heat is not able to escape from the engine compartment. The main source of this issue includes a leak in the cooling system, a faulty radiator fan, a broken water pump, and a clogged coolant hose.

If you are unable to take steps to cool down your engine before it overheats, you may reduce the risk of irreversible engine damage. At first, you have got to notice the symptoms of overheating that include, including steam coming from the hood of your vehicle, a strange smell coming from the engine area, and a sign of the engine temperature gauge on your car dashboard. When you notice these, you need to take essential steps to prevent further damage.

What to do When a Car Engine Overheats?

Kill the AC and Crank the Heat:

When you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms from the car engine, immediately turn off the air conditioner to reduce the stress on the engine. This also helps to pull the heat away from the engine to keep it from overheating until you move to a safe location.

Find a Safe Place to Pull Over:

When you move and shut off the car, allow the engine to cool for at least 15 minutes. When you are waiting, put together a plan to get your overheated engine checked out. You can call a friend or hire a mobile car mechanic for help.

Do Not Keep Driving:

When your engine starts overheating but is still in running condition, it is better not to drive by staying on the road. You may be able to get to your destination before it gives out entirely but it can cause significant damage to the engine by pushing it too far.

Don’t Open the Hood Immediately:

Once you move your vehicle to a safe location wait for some time to cool your engine before opening the hood. Opening the hood immediately can put you at risk of burns or injuries from steam and smoke. It is important to wait until the engine temperature gauge settles before opening the hood.

Call a Mechanic:

When you are stuck in your car with overheating issues, you can consider hiring a mobile car mechanic Perth. They will come straight to the location of your vehicle and do regular checks for keeping your engine in a healthy condition. Mobile car service Perth offers the best value and convenient car service that covers all models from small cars to large SUVs.


The best ways to prevent overheating car engine is to have regular coolant checks, stay up to date with radiator maintenance, etc by a highly professional mobile car mechanic. 

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