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    Boss - Archmagus of Roo

    Archmagus of Roo
    An ancient wizard, trapped within the desert-entombed Temple of Roo, the Archmagus bitterly awaits the day when he may be freed from his prison. He commands many magics, and is difficult to defeat.

    Level - 31
    (Normal) Health - 200
    (Evil) Health - 240
    (Insane) Health - 240

    Can magicaly Heals for 96 Health Points!
    Can blasts you for 50 ICE Damage!
    Can blasts you for 50 FIRE Damage!
    Can STUNs for 3 Rounds!

    You are attacked by Archmagus of Roo!

    Before the battle:

    The Archmagus of Roo stands before you, his arms crossed and his eyes impassive. His deep voice booms out as he says, "This place is protected so that none here may leave... and such a fate will be yours as well.

    After defeating Archmagus of Roo:

    The Archmagus of Roo slumps back against the wall of his tiny chamber. "I never thought anyone could find all the keys... or get to this place. You are truly powerful to have defeated me. Perhaps... perhaps you can bring peace to this place after all. Seek Erick, in the tunnels above... he went mad when they sealed this place, but he may still have the power to break free... if... if..." The Archmagus trails off, his eyes staring blindly past you, and he stops moving.

    The Archmagus of Roo was carrying a Greater Healing Potion!
    The Archmagus of Roo was carrying Clouded Gem!
    You gain 1200 Experience Points for defeating this creature!

    If Archmagus of Roo Defeats you:

    You were defeated by the Archmagus of Roo!

    The Archmagus of Roo says, "Your fate was sealed when you entered this place. You never stood a chance of leaving."

    You lose 192 experience points for dying, and you have been sent back to Neopia City.

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