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    Falenin the Sorceress

    Falenin the Sorceress
    Faleinn was the ruler of Kal Panning, a city turned into a land full of the undead by an evil curse. Perhaps she can be freed from her horrible state.

    Level - 45
    (Normal) Health - 500
    (Evil) Health - 600
    (Insane) Health - 600

    You are attacked by Falenin the Sorceress!

    Before the battle:

    Faleinn shrieks a wordless howl at you and attacks.

    After defeating Falenin the Sorceress:

    Faleinn whines with anger, fear, and hatred, as she falls to the ground, apparently dead. Suddenly you hear shrieks coming from all around you, and you spin around to see hundreds of the undead citizens of Kal Panning keel over, their spirits departing their bodies. All around you, there is a rushing of wind, and a soft glow begins to emit from Faleinn's body; and suddenly Faleinn reappears, a translucent specter of her former self, floating in the air above her corpse. You also notice that the decay and despair which enveloped the city, has lifted like a fog.

    Faleinn was carrying a Superior Healing Potion!
    Faleinn was carrying the Key to the Two Rings!
    You gain 1500 Experience Points for defeating this creature!

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