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    Gate Keeper

    Gate Keeper
    Tasked with guarding the entrance to the valley of the Two Rings, the Gate Keeper will stand his guard till the time comes to pass the duty to another.

    The Gatekeeper says, "Who are ye and what do ye want?!"

    You say, "Where does this door go?"

    The Gatekeeper says, "Och, ye canna be wantin' tae go in there! That door leads tae the Two Rings, a mountain valley filled wit' the most 'orrible monsters ya ever did lay eyes on! That's why they locked that there door, tae keep foolish adventurers like you from gettin' yer britches singed!"

    You say, "Who locked that there door?"

    The Gatekeeper says, "Well, I dunno that... but it's been locked my whole life, an' when I was a lad, me dad told me that the door's been locked since, oh, ages past. His father watched it, and his father's father watched it, and now I'm watchin' it! So don't think I'll be lettin' ya pass any time soon! You'd better watch it, or I might have tae get rough wit' ya!"

    You say, "I have the key to this door."

    The Gatekeeper says, "Not bloody likely! Let me see that..." The Gatekeeper snatches the key away from you and inspects it, then gasps in terror. "Where in the two blazes did ye get this?! No, don't tell me, I don't wanna know... just go through the door, and I'll just pretend I never saw ye. Get movin'!"

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