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    Boss - Gors the Mighty

    Gors the Mighty
    A giant mutated pygmy given super-strength, Gors rules over an ancient school long abandoned by those who studied there.

    Level - 20
    (Normal) Health - 150
    (Evil) Health - ??
    (Insane) Health - ??

    Can blasts you for 30 ICE damage!
    Can blasts you for 30 FIRE damage!
    Can stuns you for 2 Rounds!
    Can hit you with a Poisoned Blast! (15 damage for next 5 rounds)

    You are attacked by Gors the Mighty!

    Before the battle:

    Gors the Mighty grunts, hefting a thick wooden staff in one hand as he sizes you up. "Ha! Let's see how well you fight, little creature," he says to you!

    After defeating Gors the Mighty:

    Gors the Mighty swings madly at you with his staff, but at the last falls to the ground. He struggles to his feet. "I am impressed," Gors says. "None have ever bested me in combat before. Though it pains me to admit it, you are a better figher than I. Perhaps you will stand up to Rollay after all... when you meet him." With that, Gors stumbles off into the darkness.

    Gors the Mighty was carrying a Standard Healing Potion!
    Gors the Mighty was carrying a Strong Healing Potion!
    Gors the Mighty was carrying Silvered Horn Key!
    Gors the Mighty was carrying the Staff of Ni-tas!

    You gain 850 Experience Points for defeating this creature!

    You are awarded a bonus of
    for defeating Gors the Mighty!

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