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    Guardian of Fire Magic

    Guardian of Fire Magic
    A master of the elemental magic of Fire, this Guardian might just burn you to a crisp before you have a chance to react.

    Level - 40
    (Normal) Health - 320
    (Evil) Health - 384
    (Insane) Health - ??

    Can blast you for 90 FIRE Damage!
    Can Drain and Add to itself, 70 Health Points!

    You are attacked by Guardian of Fire Magic!

    Before the battle:

    The Guardian of Fire Magic turns to face you, flames roiling off its skin as it raises its arms and prepares to strike.

    After defeating Guardian of Fire Magic:

    The Guardian of Fire Magic begins to change colour, from red, to orange, and yellow, getting hotter and hotter with each change. Suddenly the Guardian explodes upward into an enormous pillar of flame, shooting into the sky. Your hair is singed as you are hurled backward by the explosion, tumbling through the sand and fetching up against a large rock embedded in the ground. A few moments later, the pillar vanishes, replaced by a cloud of thick, drifting smoke. You make your way back over to where the Guardian was, and see a flame-coloured staff lying on the ground.

    The Guardian of Spectral Magic was carrying a Superior Healing Potion!
    The Guardian of Fire Magic was carrying Firedrop Staff!
    You gain 500 Experience Points for defeating this creature!

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