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    Guardian of Ice Magic

    Guardian of Ice Magic
    Protactor of all things cold. This Guardian will freeze you in your trackes if you trespass into his lair.

    Level - 40
    (Normal) Health - 320
    (Evil) Health - 384
    (Insane) Health - ??

    Can Blast you for 70 ICE Damage!
    Can Drain and Add to itself, 70 Health Points!

    You are attacked by Guardian of Ice Magic!

    Before the battle:

    The Guardian of Ice Magic emits a breath of chilled air as it readies itself to fight.

    After defeating Guardian of Ice Magic:

    The Guardian of Ice Magic stops moving suddenly, as tiny hairline cracks begin to spiderweb through its body. A few pieces of ice crack and fall from the Guardian, and suddenly it shatters entirely, exploding pieces of ice all over the floor. The ice melts rapidly, forming a pool of chilled water, in the center of which lies a cobalt-blue staff.

    The Guardian of Ice Magic was carrying a Superior Healing Potion!
    The Guardian of Ice Magic was carrying Iceheart Staff!
    You gain 500 Experience Points for defeating this creature!

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