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  • Jungle Ruins - Tower: 1

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    Back to Jungle Ruins Entrence/Ground Floor Up to Tower: 2 Denethrir the Scholar

    Walk Through!

    What To Do Here?
  • IMPORTENT: Get the Weapons from Denethrir.

  • Take to Denethrir, he knows everything in Jungle Ruins. This information will be helpfull for your jurney throughout the Jungle Ruins. Bring him needed items & get the weapons. You'll not get the chance for a long time for stronger weapons. So, GET those weapons.

  • There are NO monsters on this level, so its safe to move around.

  • Whats Next?
  • After knowing what items he need to make you weapons, move to down stairs & enter into Dungeon #: 1

  • After getting weapons, IF you have already defeated the Boss Rollay Scaleback, goto Neopia City & see Eleus Batrin again. Ask him about the medallion you gets from the Rollay Scalback.

  • After getting weapons, IF you haven't defeat Rollay Scalback, goto Dungeion #: 4 now & kill him. He'll give you a medallion before he died. Take it & goto Neopia City... see Eleus Batrin again. Ask him about the medallion you gets from the Rollay Scalback.

  • NOTE: There are 5 tower levels in Jungle Ruins. On 5th tower, there is a NPC named Korabric the Biologist. He only provide you with information about neopia's history. Its not important to visit him as there are monsters in your way to reach the 5th tower.
    If you still need to gain skill points/Healing Potions, then go ahead. You have all the keys to open the each door of every tower. (remember the keys you gets from Kreai, Gors & Rollay).

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