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    Boss :: Kreai the Sumo

    Kreai the Sumo
    Kreai is a pygmy chief who commands beasts of all kinds throughout his lair, in an underground garden in the Jungle Ruins.

    Level - 15
    (Normal) Health - 130
    (Evil) Health - ??
    (Insane) Health - 156

    Mildly resistant to magic attacks
    Can cast STUN! for 2 rounds
    Can cast FIRE! for 40 damage
    Can cast ICE! for 40 damage

    You are attacked by Kreai the Sumo!

    Before the battle:

    Kreai says, "You foolish adventurers! When will you learn to leave me alone?! I'll destroy you for this intrusion!"

    After defeating Kreai the Sumo:

    Kreai falls to the ground, gasping for air. "I... cannot... cannot be... defeated..." He coughs and looks up at you. "I... I suppose we were foolish... to think we could live forever here... but the others... The others will not be so easily overcome. Gors... knows you are here..." With that, he slumps to the ground and is silent.

    Kreai was carrying a Rotting Wooden Key!
    You gain 700 experience points for defeating this creature!

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