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    Eleus Batrin Lummock Sendent Boraxis the Healer Choras Tillie Morax Dorangis

    Walk Through!

    What To Do Here?
  • IMPORTENT: Upgrade your Weapons from Eleus Batrin

  • Get information from Eleus Batrin. He is your first guide & will provide lots of usefull information about "Ancient Neopia" & its history. He'll also upgrade your weapons IF you provide him all the needed items!

  • Morax Dorangis will make you armour & you can upgrade them from Choras Tillie!

  • Don't forget to visit Boraxis the Healer time by time while fighting with monsters around, when your HP get low. He'll heal your HP back to FULL & you don't need to use Healing Potions. Save Healing Potions for future journey!

  • Whats Next?
  • Go to Dank Caves - beat First Boss Xantan & get the Xantan's Ring. You need this Ring to upgrade your weapons from Eleus Batrin!

  • After defeating BOSS Xantan the Foul & UpGrading your weapons by visiting Eleus Batrin, goto Grarrl Peninsula.

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