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    Boss - Rollay Scaleback

    Rollay Scaleback
    A scientist who transformed himself into an evil lizard-man, Rollay lives on an island in the underground lake beneath the Jungle Ruins. Surrounded by giant lizards of his own creation, Rollay is a vicious opponent..

    Level - 25
    (Normal) Health - 180
    (Evil) Health - ??
    (Insane) Health - 216

    Has lower Magic resistance!
    Can stun you for 3 Rounds!
    Can Magically Heal upto 54 Damage!

    You are attacked by Rollay Scaleback!

    Before the battle:

    Rollay Scaleback hisses at you as you approach. He does not look happy to see you, and prepares to strike.

    After defeating Rollay Scaleback:

    Rollay Scaleback hisses angrily as he falls to the ground, defeated. "Ssss... my powersss... are fading. For ages I have ruled this place... aahhhh..." He looks up at you, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "You mussst be insssane if you think you can defeat my... my massster, who gave me these powersss... He will win in the end... he alwaysss doesss..." Rollay coughs and reaches up to pull a small medallion from a chain around his neck, then tosses it to you. "I sssuppose... that you would have a better chance... with this. Find Korabric... here... and tell him... I am sssorry..."

    Rollay drags himself to the edge of the lake, and silently slips into the water. He does not resurface.

    Rollay Scaleback was carrying a Greater Healing Potion!
    Rollay Scaleback was carrying Jeweled Crystal Key!
    Rollay Scaleback was carrying Rusty Medallion!
    You gain 1000 Experience Points for defeating this creature!

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