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    Boss - Xantan the Foul
    Xantan the Foul
    Stripped of his powers by the Circle of Twelve, Xantan was banished to the bottom of the Dank Cave long ago. What little power he retains, he uses to corrupt and destroy those who enter his domain.

    Level - 10
    (Normal) Health - 80
    (Evil) Health - 96
    (Insane) Health - 96

    High Magic Resistance
    Can blast for 20 FIRE damage!
    Can blast for 20 ICE damage!

    Before the battle:

    Xantan the Foul glares at you as you approach, hatred burning in his sunken eyes. "I'll teach you to come here, fool!" he shouts as he raises his wand and prepares to attack!

    After defeating Xantan the Foul:

    Xantan the Foul roars a wordless howl of anguish as he falls, defeated. The walls begin to shake suddenly, and bits of stone and rock tumble from the ceiling, clattering on the ground all around you. A few large stones fall, nearly crushing you. The rumbling sound grows as the room shakes more and more violently. Xantan appears to be wasting away before your very eyes! His body shrivels, becoming colorless and small, and he emits a whimper just before a flash of white light blinds you momentarily. When your vision clears, Xantan is gone, and you hear a faint whisper in the distance....

    "I will return..."

    Xantan was carrying Xantan's Ring!
    You gain 500 Experience Points for defeating this creature!

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