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Tibet - Brahmaputra
Tibet - Brahmaputra

Brahmaputra River Canyon
Yarlong Tsangpo = Brahmaputra River
Tibet - the River Canyon - 3,800 meters above the sea level


Tibet - Brahmaputra
Tibet - Brahmaputra

Yarlong Tsangpo is 2,900 km long, 1,130 km in Tibet
and has the biggest canyon in the world (the highest = 5,382 m and the longest)

Tibet - Brahmaputra
Tibet - Brahmaputra


tibet-small spring of Brahmaputra River
small spring of Brahmaputra River


28-29 June 1996

other names of the Brahmaputra River:
Yarlong Tsangpo
Yarlong Tsang-Po
Yarlung Tsangpo
Yarlung Tsang-Po
Yarlong Zangbo
Yarlong Zangbo
Yarlung Zangbo
Yarlung Zangbo
Bramaputra River

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