pictures of the World: Tokyo - Shinjuku - Gyoen Park

5 star Tokyo hotels

20071017-124254-3264.jpg 20071017-124952-3268.jpg  Tokyo - Shinjuku - Gyoen Park
Tokyo - Shinjuku - Gyoen Park

20071017-130556-3289.jpg 20071017-130708-3291.jpg  Tokyo - Shinjuku - Gyoen Park
Tokyo - Shinjuku - Gyoen Park

20071017-130542-3288.jpg 20071017-130922-3295.jpg 20071017-131022-3298.jpg
solar energy in Gyoen Park
Green House (solar cells)
20071017-135900-3300.jpg 20071017-135922-3301.jpg
lights on in daytime - somebody that payed for the solar cells and somebody else that pays electric bills should pay more attention

17 October 2007

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