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Surname Searches & Genealogy Message Boards - most are easy to use and do not clutter up your mailbox unless it is something directed only to you
Locality Specific - featuring forums, lists, message boards for various regions, provinces and comunes in Italy. Other countries and items of interest are included too such as Volunteers in Garibaldi's Army in 1860, Italian Immigrants to Brazil, Italian Civil War Regiment, Cook County Naturalizations, New York Indexes and more
E-mail Surname Lists - Italian Archives, Yahoo E-groups, and more
Please note, if you are looking for Passenger Ship Arrival Lists - Castle Garden, Ellis Island Passenger Lists and other Immigrant Ship Passenger Arrival Records, these links are all located on the SHIPS section of this free website from Italian Genealogy ONLINE and all things Italian.
USA Census links are on the USA page
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Surname Searches & Genealogy Message Boards
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Locality Specific / Italy, USA & other specifics including Naturalizations 
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Italian Archives, E-mail Surname Lists, Italy Mailing lists (Yahoo groups are changing)
Dear People, "IF" you contact someone on a "Mail-List or E-mail list and it turns out to be a dead link, please notify the Webmaster of *that* particular site. - Thank You and Best Regards Always, Paula Nigro.
  • I T A L Y Genealogy Mailing Lists Signups - A good place to find out about Italian Genealogy events, lectures, meetings, research in your areas of interest, etc., and other topics on Italy.
  • Aeolian Genealogy Mail-List - Discuss anything that has to do with the Aeolian Islands and especially Aeolian Genealogy.
  • BariGen mail list - a gathering place for genealogy researchers of the Province of Bari, Puglia, Italy
  • Basilicata - To research our ancestry and share our connections to this area of southern Italy.
  • Calitri Connections - This group is for descendants of immigrants from Calitri, Italy who want to exchange information, meet new cugini, talk about ancestry, and more
  • Castelmezzano Genealogy - Our group is working to transcribe all of the vital records for the town of Castelmezzano in the province of Potenza, Basilicata, Italy for the years 1809-1910
  • Clan Cyberesh Mailing List - Arbëresh are people who migrated, or fled, from Albania to Italy beginning in the 15th Century living mainly in the Sicilian Towns of Mezzojuso, Piana degli Albanesi, Contessa Entellina, or Palazzo Adriano, or the Calabrian town of Falconara moderated by John Cusimano contact the webmaster for more information.
  • GEN-ITALIAN Search on Google Groups - put in your surname and select the database to search through the 1997 through current postings.  This is also archived by Rootsweb Click Here to view , but they are incomplete and also they do not archive Italian characters using the acute and grave accents.
  • Italian Adoption - by John Campitelli. ITALIADOPTION is limited to adult *living* Italian born adoptees who have been adopted by North American parents and who wish to search for their birth family in Italy. They do not deal with genealogy research of ancestors who might have been adopted in Italy in past generations.
  • Italian Genealogy Start Here - A place to talk about Italian Genealogy by Illya James D'Addezio
  • Italian Surname Collection - by Anthony Parente. HUGE Over 50,000 names with email address contact. Add yours.
  • Italian Surname Email Database - List maintained by Nuccia of Gente di Mare. Click on the letter of your Italian Surname of Interest.  Click "feedback" near the top of the page to add your Italian Surname.
  • Italian Vital Records - yahoo group for people with connections to Italy, to share family information and vital records and to help with genealogy-related questions.
  • Podargoni-Calabria-Italy - dedicated to anyone researching families, ancestors or descendants of the towns of Podargoni, Cerasi and Schindilifa' in Reggio Calabria
  • Maranese Families - to discuss the history and the genealogy of the people from Marano Marchesato and it's surrounding towns in the Province of Cosenza, Calabria, Italy.
  • Montalbano Elicona & Messina, Sicily - this Discussion Group Was Started For Families Researching Their Ancestors in Montalbano Elicona and Other Comunes of Messina, Sicily.
  • Ripalimosani Web Group - for those seeking ancestors who came from the town of Ripalimosani, in the Campobasso Region of Molise, Italy.
  • San Fele, PZ, Italia Connections - San Fele Research
  • San Pietro Avellana, IS, Molise, Italia - topics relating to the Italian town of San Pietro Avellana, mostly discussions about genealogy of people from that town who have emigrated all over the world
  • San Polo Matese Genealogy - for those seeking genealogy information on ancestors from the town of San Polo Matese in the Molise Region of Italy.
  • Sardinia-1 On-Line Mailing List - to explore ALL that is Sardinia; culture, customs, history, language, traditions
  • Senerchia, Italy - dedicated to anyone researching families, ancestors or descendants of Senerchia in the Province of Avellino, Campania Italy.
  • Sicilian Family Reunion - Discussion forum for family researchers and families of Sicilian Heritage.
  • Tutti Siciliani - to explore our Sicilian Ancestry in ALL its aspects
  • Triggiano Bari Italy - A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the town of Triggiano, Bari, Italy - according to there info "this group contains an unbelievable database.
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USENET Genealogy Newsgroups

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