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Genealogy Record Keeping

Easy to Use Genealogy Forms and software. Click on Topic Below
Family Tree Research Charts and Forms - Pedigree charts, figuring relationships, keeping genealogical records, free general genealogy forms
PAF 4 and 5. Personal Ancestral File Downloads, Guides, and Information
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Family Tree Research Charts and Forms for Genealogical Information Gathering

Personal Ancestral File Downloads, PAF User Groups

S A D L Y the very EASY, very SAFE, very User-Friendly, Dependable, Comfortable, Time-Saving Family-Tree Genealogy Program known as PAF (Personal Ancestral File) is no longer downloadable from Family Search (LDS / The Mormons). Family-Search made an announcement stating that they would no longer offer P A F (Personal Ancestral File) downloads or support and instead they now recommend their "search-partners".

Notably - in 2013 they (sadly) went into deeper partnership with Ancestry-com, which was bought by Permira Private Equity For 1.6 Billion Dollars, and after that  PAF  was removed from the FamilySearch website. In 2016 another sale occurred and NOW in 2018 it is on the market again, which will affect FamilySearch unless FamilySearch cuts strings with the Elite stockholders of Ancestry, who pretend they are devout LDS (for monetary reasons), and return to an ONLY CHURCH run organization. Classic PAF is and has been PROVEN to give you Fast, EASY results.
PAF makes Efficient Use of *Your* Time.

THANKFULLY these kind saints (on the list below) have kept PAF (Personal Ancestral File) Online.
Be sure to check anything you download with your virus checkers.  Burn to a disk to save your very own backup and share with others.

Dear Readers, if you know of other places where PAF programs can be freely and safely downloaded send me the link in an email. THANK YOU
Please don't send me links to EBay, Amazon, Craig's List, etc, etc. sales pages.
Yes I know PAF is being sold on those sites. I only want to list free download sites (just like LDS used to do before the Elites took over), PAF User Groups, Paf User Forums and PAF Message board. Some groups might charge 1 or 2 dollars to make you a CD copy of the program they have on file. -Thanks Again-

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