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This Italian Genealogy Homepage is where Italian Americans can easily teach themselves how to research their Ethnic Roots, Ancestry, Italian Heritage, Immigrant Family Ties, Surnames from Italy, and emigrant family locations while searching for family members around the world who share their Immigrant Ancestors' Italy Roots.

Free Genealogical Tools & Resources - great help for beginners. Best free Italy Family Finder instructions online with plenty of helpful reminders for accomplished Italian Genealogy Researchers too.

ITALY GENEALOGY TOOLS Free help Italian Genealogical Information and free research tips online with hand-picked links to help you learn and find your Italian surname, Ancestral Heritage and Family Roots from Italy.

Learn How to do your own FREE Italian Genealogy Research.

Read these Basic steps which can be used by anyone of Italian Descent, anyplace in the World who wants to discover information on their Italian Ancestors from Italy by requesting Documents from the Historical Archives in Italia and where to view them online if available.

Discover Place of origin of your Immigrant Ancestors from Italy without having to join any group or pay a membership fee to learn. If you want to learn and are willing to apply yourself you can learn anything; there is magic in believing.
If your born in Italy immigrant ancestor settled in another country other than the USA, such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, other parts of South American, Switzerland, etc., you will use the same steps although it is up to you to find the correct addresses and names of the Church and Civil documents available to you from those other countries.

This free site is an Online repository of all things related to your Italian Surname, Italy Genealogy, and general genealogical research. Simply Use the handy tips and links provided for you on this free website; no-strings-attached!

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Use Free Sample Italian Genealogy Letters to send genealogical inquiries to Italy to obtain Vital Records and Parish Records for your ancestral research.  Use our Italian/Latin to English translations page to help you with Itallian Web page translation. It also contains handy links to standard genealogical terms & medical terms found on Family Tree Records, Dialects of Italy / Dialetti italiani for those interested in learning something about the language spoken by their Italian ancestors.

Browse our hand-picked Italian Ancestry Family Tree Genealogies Online
list of non-commercial Italian Genealogy WebSites dedicated to personal stories of Italy Roots Family Tree History Research, Italian Pedigrees, surnames, family heritage originating in Italy and stories of our immigrant ancestors from Italia. You will find inspiration in their collections of Italian ancestry photos, copies of immigrant documents, photographs of ancestral towns in Italy, and Italian surname research lists.

Special Thanks to Steve Saviello
Founder & Owner of the Comunes_of_Italy Mailing List for providing us with excellent Tips for Italian Records, Archives & Italian Family Tree Search which will help you discover what is available and what records to request from Italy.

Italy FAQ's by Steve Saviello
is for you if you want to know - What is a Comune?, what is a Provincia?, what is a Regione? With information on the structure of Italian Government and its Administrative Divisions with an easy to understand description of the Comunita' Montana of ITALY.

Good, practical advice from David E. Zerga
Italian Form Letters to send to Italy
for Genealogy Research. He presents very helpful tips on how to write a letter to Italy to request your Italian Family Tree Records and search for your emigrant ancestor archives, Italian surnames & Family History from Italy, including excellent notes on "Parish Diplomacy" along with other Italian Family Tree Research Help Form Letters in Italian Genealogy Tools & Resources such as information on Italian Church Records.

Learn About Italian Names - including names for babies and the history of Italian Names and Surnames. Discover that women in Italy keep using their birth surnames even after marriage. This is a great page of free online links to help you find a Name for your new baby and read about your Italian Ancestors' names.

Italian Naming Traditions gives you the traditional pattern for naming Italian children especially in Southern Italy.

Go to Passenger Ship Searches for your Immigrant Ship Passenger Arrival Records located on our separate Passenger Ship Archives page

EASY to use Genealogy Record Keeping Tools traditionally used for genealogical documentation and organizational aids such as the Classic, very accessible, no bloat, very safe (no hidden backdoors or tracking scripts) Personal Ancestral File (PAF), which has been freely used by Millions of Happy Family Tree Researchers for years and years...

USA Genealogy Guide links to help you learn everything you need to know about family-tree research in general and the United States of America Genealogy Research in particular.

Be sure to read our CENSUS Records Information and tips section with the best free links to help you in your search.  Use our Sample form letters for a Freedom of Information Act Request and to obtain copies of your ancestors' original Social Security Applications to help you in your genealogy research.

You can also go to our list of Genealogy Surname Boards to post or search some of the best free family research sites on the Internet.

Genealogy, pl. = genealogies, abbr. = geneal.
A record, table or account of the descent of a family, group or person from an ancestor or ancestors. The study and investigation of ancestry, pedigree lineage and family history is genealogy and is often misspelled as geneology, genelaogy, geneaology, geanology, genology, geaneology, genelogy, genealology, genealo, genalogy, geneogy, genelogicol, genealoyg, etc.

In Italian it is Genealogia
In English it is Genealogy
In French it is genealogie
In German it is Genealogie
In Spanish it is Genealogia
In Portuguese it is Genealogia
In Danish it is Slaegtsforskning

Paula Maria Nigro

Researching my ancestral surnames from the
Comune of San Fele (PZ) in Basilicata, Italy / Italia

Sanfele Italy Historical Family Trees

Happy Italian Family Tree Discoveries to All of You

Use all the FREE information linked to our SITE MAP page
Teach Yourself to Do Your Own Genealogy Research

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