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Chapter 1.      Homosexuality and Scripture

Chapter 2.      Homosexuality and Tradition

Chapter 3.      Teleology, the Philosophical Basis of Ethics

Chapter 4.      Homosexuality and the Official Teaching of the Church

Chapter 5.      A Fantasy Encyclical

A paper on the exact interpretation of Leviticus 18:22.

A paper on the exact interpretation of 1 Corinthians 6:9.

A paper on the exact interpretation of Romans 1:26-27.


Click here for my reaction to a cry of pain from a gay Catholic,
here for a message of hope from Fr James Alison,
here for a very helpful initiative from the Catholic Bishop of Memphis,
here for a gay positive Byzantine Orthodox perspective
and here for the testimony of Andrew Sullivan.
Click here for a critique of some typical 
Evangelical Anglican thinking; here for a 
reply to an attack on Boswell by a 
Conservative Catholic and here for a 
reply to an attack by a Catholic Bishop.
Click here for a review of the mutation of Church teaching on
ContraceptionSlavery, Usury, the perfidy of the Jews,
the damnation of all non-Catholics, Religious Liberty,
the interpretation of  TheBible and here for the story of  Galileo.
Click here for a discussion of 
what exactly homosexuality is and is not.

Click here for a paper on homophobic bullying
in Schools and Colleges.

"Being both gay and Catholic in my corner of the Diocese of North Carolina is not the most ideal situation. The gay-friendly parishes are embarrassingly casual, to the point that one wonders whether Mass has truly been said.  There is one parish in the diocese where the pastor has an indult to celebrate the Tridentine Mass every Sunday, and it is a parish thoroughly devoted to the present and most recent Pontiffs and all their pontifications. I can't exactly call myself traditionalist in that sense, as it is something I've yet to experience. What I have experienced most of my life in the Church, and continue to experience, is the kind of Mass so lacking in devotion and a sense of holy awe that I escaped to the Episcopal (Anglican) communion for a while, where at least the liturgy was somewhat more inspiring. But, of course, I came to accept that the Eucharist was watered down in that barely meaningful, protestant way. I had no choice, I felt, but to return to the banal liturgies where at least our Lord was truly present in the Sacred Mysteries. 

It was and remains a very difficult choice to return to the Roman Catholic Church. I believe the Vatican's pronouncements on the nature of who I am have exacted a devastating spiritual toll on me. It is all I can do some Sundays to get out of bed and to the church where I will find it a struggle to lift my heart to the Almighty, because the liturgy almost fights me every step of the way. I will go in fear of hearing something hurtful proclaimed from the pulpit, which I will suffer in silence because I remain in the closet, in deference to my career and potential custody issues regarding my children. 

Why do I stay? Because I know that Christ waits for me there, and He must be my All. There is no misguided teaching that should prevent me from receiving Him, no matter how much pain it might cause me. I shouldn't have to suffer at the hands of Christ's shepherds, but untold numbers of saints through the ages in fact have. Who am I to complain? In the end, all these things shall pass away. And ultimately, I am living for eternity." [An email list member (December 2005)] 

Click here for the Gay Mysteries of the Rosary and
here for some gay-related meditations on the 
Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries.

Click here for a review of the theology and 
practice of the Sacrament of Penance
I hope it will give some useful pointers for 
traditional gay Catholics.

Click here for a suggested rite of "same-gender union".

Click here for an annotated version of the 2003 letter
from the Holy Office regarding same-sex marriage.

Click here for my critique of a typical Conservative 
Catholic attack on "gay marriage".

Click here for an annotated version of the 
1986 letter from the Holy Office regarding 
the Pastoral Care of  Homosexuals.

Click here for an commented version of the 
2005 instruction excluding gay men from seminary.

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I am both a catholic and a man "suffering from" 
same sex atraction. Why am I writting 
"suffering from"?  Just because it is a very 
confusing state, and being an honest guy 
it is not an easy one for me. 

Only a few months ago I was strictly obedient 
to the "official teaching of the Church" but 
having browsed some websites I have come 
to understand that the teaching is not as well 
based as it is presented. 

I have many doubts in my head. Maybe I will 
enclose them to my next posts and someone 
will help me to find the truth. I feel the lack of 
a wise, sensitiveand responsible guy next to me.
I am really confused on these matters. I hope 
you will understand when I describe how I feel 
as a battle between emotions and reason.
[Quote from a new member (October 2005)]

"They that shall oppose thee in thy right courses, as it is not in their power to divert thee from thy good action, so neither let it be to divert thee from thy good affection towards them. But be it thy care to keep thyself constant in both; both in a right judgement and action, and in true meekness towards them that either shall do their endeavour to hinder thee, or at least will be displeased with thee for what thou hast done. For to fail in either (either in the one to give over for fear, or in the other to forsake thy natural affection towards him who by nature is both thy friend and thy kinsman) is equally base, and much savouring of the disposition of a cowardly fugitive soldier."
[Marcus Aurelius "Meditations"]
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"Theology of the Body" related stuff

I've read enough of John Paul's Theology 
of the Body to know that it doesn't ring true. 
It deals with so many of the issues that 
confront us: 
marriage, celibacy, the relevance of the 
Book of Genesis, the so-called necessity 
of male and female complementarity
how the heterosexual family of 
Father, Mother and Child is 
supposed to reflect the life of 
the Holy Trinity, etc. 

Interestingly, homosexuality gets scant 
mention. I wonder if it isn't because when 
you read some of this stuff, you can so easily 
apply a lot of what it says about the body's 
capacity for revealing the truth of God's love 
in straight marriage to the deep, natural, 
human yearnings that we gay folk have for 
the same. 

But we are dismissed as an afterthought, 
afflicted with a disorder equal to pure lust 
that renders it impossible to communicate 
bodily love to our beloved because there 
is none of that "complementarity" going on, 
and of course no prospects for babies.
[An email list member (October 2005)] 

I would be happy to come and talk to interested parties and/or advise on the issues raised on this site.
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