Bowser in the Fire Sea



The entrance to this course is located in front of stage 9, both of them are behind the star door on in the basement. Mario can open the door when he had collected 30 stars or more. Also, the entrance will only appear after Mario collect star 1 from stage 9.


The aim of this course is to get the 2nd key, which opens the door to the 2nd floor of the castle. However, the key is kept by Bowser. There are also 8 red coins in this stage. When Mario collect all of them, one of the 15 secret stars will appear.

The 8 red coins

red coin 1 red coin 2 red coin 3 red coin 4
red coin 5 red coin 6 red coin 7 red coin 8
The star is on the top of the block above the moving poles. Perform wall-jump to get it.


To defeat Bowser, Mario has to grab its tail, swing it round and round to gain speed, and release it so it will hit one of the bombs surrounding the arena. Despite fire, Bowser also attacks by jumping on the arena so to fall Mario into lava. It teleports when Mario approach it. Be patient; and run in the up hill direction when it jumps to tilt the whole platform. For the Bowser in this stage, one hit to a bomb will finish him.
Fire Grab Bowser 2st key

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