Bowser in the Sky



The entrance to this course is behind the last star gate which is at the top of the steps opposite to the clock - stage 14 - on the third floor. Mario has to have at least 70 stars to run up the red stairs; otherwise, it will be endless.


The aim of this course is to defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Daisy. There are also 8 red coins in this stage. When Mario collect all of them, one of the 15 secret stars will appear.

The 8 red coins

red coin 1 red coin 2 red coin 3 red coin 4
red coin 5 red coin 6 red coin 7 red coin 8
The star is behind the pipe which is the entrance to the arena to defeat Bowser.


To defeat Bowser, Mario has to grab its tail, swing it round and round to gain speed, and release it so it will hit one of the bombs surrounding the arena. Bowser blows tons of fire out from its mouth this time. Be careful not to touch the fire. Collect coins to regain life if Mario gets hurt. When Bowser jumps, it also produces 2 white shock waves when it hit the ground. Jump over them with care. This Bowser requires three hits to the surrounding bombs to defeat. The trick to defeat it is whenever it hits a bomb and bounds to the center, predicts its landing position and grab his tail before it rise. After two hits, the whole platform will break down, leaving a star shape. Swing Bowser to full speed to hit the bomb!
final Bowser fire grab Bowser big star

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