Stage 1

Bob-omb Battlefield

Stage 1


The first door from the left on the ground floor of the castle.


star ONE
Run all the way up the mountain and defeat King Bob-omb. How? Grab him at his back and throw him 3 times!

King Bomber
star TWO
Race with Giant Koopa - the big turtle, all the way up to the top of the mountain.
star THREE
Shoot Mario to the floating island and Mario will find the star in the yellow ! box.
star 3
star FOUR
Collect 8 red coins.
star FIVE
Fly from floating island and get the 5 coins in the center of the 5 coin ring in midair. Talk to Red Bob-omb to open all the cannon so Mario with the wing cap can be shot out of the cannon from the island to collect the coins.

star SIX
Release the chain chomp by pounding on the stake beneath the red coin.

Chained Monster

coin Max number of coins = 141
No blue block.

Mario can warp from a bush of flowers near the little Koopa and goombas to another bush which is near star 4.

warp at bush warp at bush
Another warp is a hole midway up the mountain where rolling balls are coming out. Mario can warp to another hole near the top of the mountain.
warp at mid-level warp at the top

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You can't hear anything? Play the level's background music!

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