Stage 10

Snowman's Land

Stage 10


After Mario got the 2nd key by defeating Bowser in the Fire Sea, open the door to the second floor. Go to the star door on the right and enter the mirror room. Jump into the wall on the left which has a mirror image of a picture of snow.


star ONE
Climb to the bridge in front of the giant Snowman's face after jumping pass the wave path. When Mario step on the bridge, the snowman refuses to let Mario pass the bridge, by blowing snow from its mouth. Walk passes the bridge using the penguin as a shelter. Mario can also get this star by shooting from the cannon. However, Mario needs to open the cannon by talking to the Red Bob-omb in the igloo. Refer to star 6 for getting into the igloo.

giant snowman
star TWO
There is a snow bully above a freezy pond which hurts Mario if he falls onto it. Defeat the bully to get the star.
snow bully
star THREE
Turn left at the beginning, Mario will see an icehouse. There is a star in it. Go into the house and try to jump onto its roof by backward jump. Then fall down to get the star.
icd house
star FOUR
Notice there are 2 headhunters in the pond near the wave path. Jump onto the closest one and float over to the ledge where there are two yellow ! boxes. The left one contains the star 4. The right one contains a turtle shell.
head hunter star 4
star FIVE
Collect 8 red coins. The star is at the beginning of this stage.

star SIX

Jump across the pond as in star 4 and hit the right yellow ! box for a turtle shell. Ride on it and notice there is a steep path with coins from the pond. Use the shell to go up and stop before the igloo. Inside the igloo, there is a Red Bob-omb and a blue ! box. Turn Mario transparent and collect the star.
path by pond igloo star 6

coin Max number of coins = 126
No blue block.

Turn right at the beginning and stop at the second tree. Mario will warp to the tree by the pond.

warp at tree warp at tree

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