Stage 12

Tall, Tall Mountain

Stage 12


Circle round second floor behind the stairs. The tiny picture of mushrooms is the entrance to stage 12.


star ONE
Yahoo-jump across the 2 big gaps, climb up the area with moles throwing stones, yahoo-jump over a big gap across the waterfall, and walk pass the narrow path across the waterfall to reach the top of the mountain for the star.

top of mountain
star TWO
Head to the top of the mountain like in star 1. Mario will notice there is a cage holding a star by the waterfall. At the top of the mountain, catch the monkey and release it. The monkey will catch the star for Mario.
star THREE
Collect 8 red coins The star is located on a mushroom facing the moles. Yahoo-jump to it.
star 3

star FOUR
Head to the top of the mountain until Mario yahoo-jump over the big gap beside the waterfall. Notice there are ripples at the wall on the left by 5 coins. This is the entrance to the mountain-sliding course. In the course, make sure Mario slide to the right before ending up in a dead end with a skeleton. The star is at the end of the ride.

entrance to mountain slide
star FIVE
Head to the top of the mountain. There is a ! switch before the narrow path across the waterfall. Step on the switch, a block will appeared; do not get the coins but go to the waterfall immediately. There is another block in the waterfall. Jump onto it and walk behind the waterfall for the star!
! switchstar 5
star SIX
Open the cannon of this stage by talking to Red Bob-omb. After the Chunkya(thrower), cross the narrow bridge with coins on it. The Red Bob-omb is hiding in rocks somewhere before Mario reaches the river. Then use the warp point at the bunch of giant mushrooms and warp to the path which leads to the cannon. Aim for the star.
red bombermanaim for the star

coin Max number of coins = 136
No blue block.

The top of a small mushroom in the bunch of giant mushrooms with red coins can transfer Mario to the path which leads to the cannon.

warp at mushroom warp for cannon

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