Stage 13

Tiny Huge Island

Stage 13


Go to the star door on the left and enter the room. Mario will enter tiny world if he jumps into the picture on the left, and huge world for the picture on the right. Mario can go between the two worlds by dropping into one of the pipes.
pipe 2
pipe 1
pipe 2
pipe 2
pipe 3
pipe 3
star ONE
Enter tiny world, jump into pipe 1 to enter huge world. Kill all the giant plants there and Mario will be granted a star.
star TWO
The star is at the top of the huge island. However, the fast way to get there is to enter the stage as a tiny world, press the ! switch behind pipe 1 and jump onto the main island where tiny balls are rolling down. Then enter pipe 3 to enter huge world. The star is in the yellow ! box just before the top of the mountain.
top of the mountain
star THREE
In huge world, go downhill when Mario reach pipe 3 and there is a giant Koopa (turtle) by 2 giant goombas. Race with it to get a star. Watch out, it is much faster than in stage 1!
race with turtle star 3
star FOUR
Pass 5 secret places in tiny world. The star is on the floating island away from the main island. Mario can get there by the ! switch behind pipe 1.
balls coming out top of mountain on the beach
first entrance cannon ! switch
star FIVE
Collect 8 red coins. All coins are inside the cave in huge world. Mario needs to walk on the narrow path from the green area high above the beach to the entrance. There are two ways to get there:
to cave of red coins red coins
star SIX
Head to the top of tiny world. Pound on it to open a tiny hole and water will drain. Walk downhill to pipe 3 and enter huge world, then head to the top and drop into the hole. Kill the wiggler to get a star.
top of mountain drop in wiggler

coin Max number of coins = 191
The blue block is in the cave with red coins. Beware of the fire.

Mario can warp at the coin on the floating island to pipe 1. However, this is a one way warp only.

warp at mushroom warp for cannon

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