Stage 2

Whomp's Fortress

Stage 2


Enter the second door on the right of the stairway. The door is marked with 1 star.


star ONE
Defeat the big Whomp at the top of the whole fortress. Pound on his back 3 times when he falls down.

stone monster
star TWO
Go to the top of the tower, which is at the top of the whole fortress.
top of tower
star THREE
Talk to Red Bob-omb who is near the pool to release the cannon. Shot Mario to the platform under the pole to take the star.
Star 3
star FOUR
Collect 8 red coins.

star FIVE
Climb up the first tree and Mario will see an owl. Hold on to the owl and it will take Mario high into the sky. Release Mario to collect the star in the cage floating in the air near the two red coins.

star in cage
star SIX
Shoot Mario from the same cannon to break the corner of the wall, the one which is further away. A star is hidden there.
star 6

coin Max number of coins = 141
The blue block is in the dead end after the cannon.

The corner near the lowest Thwomp can warp Mario to the top pole.

warp at middle warp at top pole

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You can't hear anything? Play the level's background music!

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