Stage 5

Big Boo's Haunt

Stage 5


Kill the ghost to the left of the fountain in the backyard and dive into the little cage.


star ONE
Go into the mansion and kill those little ghosts. After Mario killed a certain number of little ghosts, the Big Boo appears in the entrance of the mansion. Kill it and Mario will get his first star in this stage. Pound to kill them.

Star 1
star TWO
Kill those little ghosts in the Merry-go-round under the mansion. When the Big Boo appear, kill it to get a star.
Star 2
star THREE
Go through the second door from the left on the first floor, and Mario will see 3 books floating in front of the bookshelf. Hit them in sequence and Mario will find a star in the door behind the bookshelf.
Book sequence
star FOUR
Collect 8 red coins. The star is just outside the first door from the left on the first floor.

star FIVE
Go through the fifth door from the left on first floor. Mario will find a bookshelf. It is facing a wooden platform. Look up and Mario will see there is a door on an extended platform. Get there by performing wall-jump. Then Mario will reach the penthouse. In the penthouse, go through a double door to the balcony. Defeat the Big Boo and get the star.

Jump up! star 5
star SIX
Hit the blue ! box, get the vanish cap and turn Mario into transparent. Then go to the penthouse as in star 5 as quickly as possible. If you are fast enough, Mario is still transparent when he reach there. Then go through a picture of a shy ghost and defeat a big eyeball by running around it to get the last star.
ghost picture giant eye ball

coin Max number of coins = 151
The blue block is in the penthouse.

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