Stage 7

Leathal Lava Land

Stage 7


The picture of fire in the basement.


star ONE
Knock the big bully into lava to get the first star.

big bullyr
star TWO
Knock all three bullies into lava, then another big bully will appear. Knock it down into lava to get a star.

three bullys
star THREE
Collect 8 red coins at the "Bowser puzzle".
8 red coins
star FOUR
Use the floating grid near the 2 small bullies at the right of the stage and get to a giant spinning log. Mario can rotate the log by walking on it to collect the star. After Mario obtain this star, a yellow ! box will appear near the T-junction in the beginning. It contains a turtle shell, so Mario can surf on lava!
spinning log surf on lava
star FIVE
Jump into the volcano, get to the top by running around the internal of the volcano to take the star at the top.
star SIX
Jump into the volcano and go the other way on to a moving platform. This will lead Mario to the last star in this stage.
Star 6

coin Max number of coins = 133
No blue block.

Mario can warp between the island with a red ! box to the place under the eye ball.

warp on island warp under eye ball

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