Stage 8

Shifting Sand Land

Stage 8


Jump into the wall at the dead end to the left of the entrance to stage 7.


star ONE
There are four red and brown towers in the desert. Suprisingly, Mario can walk up the steep slope to top of each. Go to the one nearest to the oasis. When the bird holding a star approach, jump into it.

big bird
star TWO
There is a star at the top of the pyramid. Mario can get there by
Star 2
star THREE
Enter the pyramid, proceed along the path to the top to catch a star.

star FOUR
After Mario pass over the top of all the four towers either by walking, riding on a turtle shell, etc, the top of the pyramid will explodes off. Enter the hole at the top of the flattened pyramid and destroy the 2 stone hands by punching at their eyes to get the star.

top explodes top entrance tstone hands
star FIVE
Collect 8 red coins.

star SIX
Go into the pyramid and proceed as star 3. When Mario reach to the top inside the pyramid, notice there is a sand waterfall. There are 3 coins on 3 small platform aside the sand waterfall and 2 more in the running sand. Collect all of them for a star.

sand waterfall

coin Max number of coins = 136
In the pyramid, look backward at the very first T-junction. The blue block is at the corner.

Stand in the center of the square next to the red ! box near the cannon, Mario will warp to a tree by the oasis.

warp near cannon warp by oasis

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