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The History of EthanF44's Discord Server (3/3/2020)

It was started back in late 2017 by a friend of mine named Ethan Fasulo. It started up as EthanF44's Discord Server.

Many people from EthanF44's Entertainment Room on Google Slides came here and used it a lot.

The server's popularity kept on going up until it reached it´s peak in mid 2019.

At it's peak it had around 30 to 40 users.

Around late 2019, the server had already hit its peak and this is where it started to decline.

In April and May 2020, EthanF44 started to kick most of the users on it and that's when the server had lost a lot of it´s attraction.

EthanF44 started to delete all the channels and restart everything.

Right now it only has 3 members on it. Once me and Captain Yellow finally leave the server, Ethan is planning to delete the server entirely.


UPDATE: The server was eventually deleted.


Today I learned about Stanislav Petrov (2/26/2020)

I learnt that the reason why we exist today is because of him, On September 26 1983, a Soviet nuclear alarm went off and said that the U.S. sent missiles to the Soviet Union.

Stanislav Petrov had to make a choice on wether or not should the USSR fire back or should they not fire back.

Stanislav Petrov decided not to, and in the end it was the right choice because it ended up being a false alarm.

If Stanislav Petrov chose to fire back then most people today would not exist or humanity would have been completly wiped out.

So for your existence give Stanislav Petrov some credit.


1: there may Never Ever be another man as powerful as Stanislav Petrov:


The Unification of Italy (10/2/2020)

In the 1840s, The Italian people started to want unification. They had been seperated for hundreds of years and wanted to be unified.

In the 1860s, the Kingdom of Saradinia Pidemont asked the British and the French for help in unifying Italy.

The Kigndom of Sardina Pidemont took over many Italian states. Some Italian states even started joining it.

On September 20 1871, The forces of the newly formed kingdom of Italy marched into Rome and the unification was complete.


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