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  • The Kingdom of Torhavn
     HM Kasimir Diana Skyhunter
     Managing Director/Webmistress

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     Sir Iain de Vendria
    Director: Micronational News Network

  • The Republic of Molossia
    HE Kevin Baugh
     Director: North America

  • Grand Duchy of Thornley
    Grand Duke Michael
     Director: Australia

  • Republic of Kato
    Prince Ka Niji
     Director: Asia

  • Free City of Aquaria
    Mr. Chaz Jago
     Director: Antartica/Oceania

  • Group Members:
  • Master Ron tobin of Lassaira

  • Bernard Selfin of:
    The Republic of Eslo

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    "E.N.V.I.R.O.M.E. - which stands for Emerging Nations Villifying (the) International Ravishment Of Mother Earth. we are a group of micronations which are ALSO quite concerned about the state of the world's ecology. We hope to raise consciousness around the world about the Great Mother.

    Do you have news? Contact us here or go to the Micronational News Network to post your news or event. Thank you.

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