City Of Microna News Page

December 31, 2001

Land Purchase Agreement is sent to realtor to purchase 40 acres of land located in Elko County, Nevada.

Land is Located approximately 12 miles from Montello, Nevada.

Located officially on survey map as: N.W. & S.E. , Section 7, Township 37 N., Range 69 E.

January 1, 2002

Mayor To Take Office


Mayor Elect Mary Ambyre Jorgensen officially will take office January 21, 2002.

January 4, 2002...

Items To Go On Sale

The City is now selling items at CafePress until a merchant account is obtained.
The City wishes to sell products and goods via the Internet to help build the City Treasury.
The City is taking all profit from sales of these items (above the cost to produce them)
and it will go to actually help build the City.

January 11, 2002...

City To Help Homeless In NY City

The City plans on issuing approximately 150 Microna Coins to the UHO of NY.
The Coins will then be able to used to purchase a coffee and a dougnut/roll
from a few selected coffee carts around the Penn Station area of NY City.