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Tue. Jun 22, 2004

Today is the 174th day of 2004 with 192 remaining.

The morning star is Venus
The evening stars are MercuryMarsJupiterSaturn
Those born on this date are under the sign of (Cancer.)

 Maya Long Count: 12. 19. 11. 6. 16. UUC-Cib BOLONLAHUN Zotz

Mexica: MACUILLI-Tecpatl. CHICOME-Cozcacuauhtli Pachtontli CAXTOLLIYEI

Otomi Quenza: 5-Aneyaxi. Mapa: 7-Anthecha. Cana: Anttzenboxegui 18
Purepecha: YUMU-Tzhinapu. YUNTZIMAN-Tukuru. Charapu zapi TEMBENYUNTANIMU
Zapotec Yza: 2-Pija. Chij: 7-Guiloo. Cocijo: 1-Loo. Cocij: 1-Tela.
Martes 22 de Junio de 2004
Today is the Saint`s Day for Paulino, Consorcia

On This Day

1405 Years Ago, in 599:
[] Oldest son of Lord Water becomes the king of Caracol.

1194 Years Ago, in 810:
[] Lord Yax-Pac of Copan goes to Quirigua to celebrate the katun ending. Last date recorded at Quirigua.

483 Years Ago, in 1521:
[Day 1-Acatl, Year 3-Calli] Second invasion to Tenochtitlan. Battles between Spaniards and Mexicas continue in several fronts of the Great Tenochtitlan, defended by Cuauhtemoc.

476 Years Ago, in 1528:
Sweet potatoes, haricot beans, turkeys, cocoa, and vanilla are introduced to Spain by Hernan Cortez, who presents some of the beans to Pope Clement VII.

193 Years Ago, in 1811:
Insurgence troops defeat Royalist forces in Zitacuaro, Michoacan.

169 Years Ago, in 1835:
Santa Anna departs to battle federalist forces in Zacatecas. Miguel Barragan assumes office as President Interim.

96 Years Ago, in 1908:
Liberal Silva's El Paso, Texas, home raided.

93 Years Ago, in 1911:
The Federal forces directed by Col. Vega and Mayol defeat the mercenary forces of Jack B. Mosby who had taken the city of Tijuana.

80 Years Ago, in 1924:
Songwriter Vicente Garrido is born in Guadalajara. Authored "No me platiques mas," "Todo o nada," etc.

58 Years Ago, in 1946:
Representatives from the American republics sign a convention for uniform copyright protection of literary, scientific and artistic works.

55 Years Ago, in 1949:
The General Union of Mexican Workers and Peasants (UGOCM) is created.

51 Years Ago, in 1953:
Intellectual and educator Benito Fentanes dies in Veracruz, Veracruz.

50 Years Ago, in 1954:
US Senate Minority Leader Lyndon Johnson (D Tex) introduces a resolution to reaffirm the Monroe Doctrine.

20 Years Ago, in 1984:
Ernesto Galarza, 78, a leading crusader for the rights of farm workers and the elder statesman of the Chicano movement dies in San Jose, California. His writings helped bring about the end of the controversial "bracero" system: _Merchants of Labor_, _Strangers in Our Fields_, etc.

11 Years Ago, in 1993:
Basketball player Rodolfo (Ford) Diaz Mercado dies at 75.

8 Years Ago, in 1996:
According to the World Bank's 1995 annual report on poverty reduction, 85% of the Mexican population now lives in poverty. The figure includes those people who earn less than five dollars a day, which is about twice the minimum wage.

"El poeta lirico debe ser juzgado en el conjunto de su obra, porque esta es esencialmente compleja como la vida misma." -- Manuel Gutierrez Najera

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