2ème Bac. | January 2011

Language Test


  1. Give the correct form of the words between brackets.


    1. These boys are intelligent but they are not [ambition]    
    2. They gave the [gift]  children precious gifts.    
    3. They are looking for [creativity] engineers.    
    4. The boys seem [passion]  about the new game.    
    5. As he heard the bad news, he felt [frustration]    
    6. He is such a [vigour] small boy!    


  2. Match the words that go together to make collocations:


    1. cooperative a. development 1.
    2. civil b. illiteracy 2.
    3. adult c. learning 3.
    4. sustainable d. society 4.


  3. Fill in the blanks with the words given:
    could have may had to must


    1. I do the work myself as there was nobody else to do it.    
    2. She married him but she didn’t want to.    
    3. Look at his shabby clothes. He be homeless.   
    4. I join you tomorrow but I am not sure.    


  4. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.
    1. John fell asleep as soon as the game [start] .    
    2. We had been watching a TV program when the lights [go] off.    
    3. He told me that he [have] a severe headache last night.    
    4. They have just finished [fix] the car.    
    5. You needn’t [photocopy] all the chapter. It’s optional.    
    6. When he arrived home, his parents [already / leave]    
    7. As he got hungry, he stopped [eat]    
    8. They asked her [sing] for the guests, but she refused.    


  5. Combine these pairs of sentences with the words given.
    1. They participated in the workshop. They wanted to get more experience.   (so as to)

    2. He was obliged to drop out of school. His parents were very poor.   (as a result)

    3. Many people choose to emigrate. They are unemployed.     (due to)

    4. The visitors didn’t come. The basketball match was postponed.   (since)


  6. Match the expressions with their appropriate functions:


    1. I guess the students should manage their time. a. indifference 1.
    2. I am not sure I got your point. b. request 2.
    3. I don't really care. c. opinion 3.
    4. Can you hand me that book over there, please? d. agreeing 4.
    5. They don’t work hard thus they won’t succeed. e. cause & effect 5.
    6. I share the same view. f. lack of understanding 6.