Get Ready for the Baccalaureate


All the bac. students are welcome. With this humble work, we intend to assist you with your English through:

General Area







- Functions for Bac. Students

          + Expressing Regret

          + Giving & responding to good & bad news

          + Making & Responding to a request

  + Behind Wish Expressions         

- All Functions    (pdf file) + Download


What are the things you wish people knew about you?          

Why do you need to have a social networking account nowadays? 

- The Passive Voice in writing     

- Story writing for High school students   

- 10 sample writings for Bac     

For & Against Writing 

- Five Paragraph Writing sample     [Cellular Phones]

- Descriptive Paragraph      +  Download

- Sample writing [about the best means of travel]

- Students' writings

Last update : January 1, 2021