Context has rules


*/ Put the words between brackets in the correct form.
      01. Joha got angry when the boys started to (laughter) at him.
      02. I think Joha is the most (humour) person.
      03. You cannot limit the number of the (pollution) that can harm us.
      04. The human relations should be based on (brother)
      05. Pollution is a dangerous (phenomena) that threatens life on Earth.
      06. Smuggling is an (law) business
      07. He is not used to telling the (true)
      08. They turned down the offer. Obviously it was a bad (decide)
      09. Despite their hard work, they didn't (success)
      10. Your check is blocked because the (sign) is not clear.
      11. They couldn't go down further due to the (deep) of the well.
      12. School fee (pay) has become a heavy burden for most families.
      13. Those families are looking for (assist) from associations.
      14. The private sector (collaborate) is highly needed.
      15. Which do you think is the most (stress) job ever?
 "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you"  Proverb