During the Academic year 2004 - 2005, the students have participated in a huge writing project. They were asked to write about the life style in their Region Errachidia. The outcome was not bad and here are some of the final products of the students.
~ Sharing is getting in touch with ourselves through the others. ~
) Errachidia in black and white - Elyazidi Abdelouahed
) In Errachidia, the others are at Home - Ait Arab Aissa & Maasla Abdelhamid
) Errachidia, the starting point for History - Alhachmia Alamalilah
) The riches of Errachidia - Hamdaoui Mourad - Laichir Abdelkhalk - Harouani Mohammed
) Errachidia: The beauty of simplicity Ouassat Rkiya
) Weddings In Errachidia - Baaka Fatima & Bourdadi Hassna
) Errachidia the microcosm - Teacher
) Errachidia: the Invitation - Talbi Naima & Khyaoui Farida