Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

Writing => 5 paragraph writing [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

New Cell Phones


        Cell phones nowadays are astonishing. They become extremely sophisticated as they have incredibly improved in terms of size, options and connectivity.

        Unlike the old cell phone generation, the new cell phone is different in shape. It has become smaller, thinner and lighter. For instance, you can slip it in your shirt pocket and nobody could even notice it's there. Another remarkable thing about it is that no antenna is needed anymore. Despite its small size, it has a huge storing capacity. You can add extra memory cards to store large files like photos, music or videos.

        As for options and functions, the new cell phone offers a multitude of facilities like sending and receiving short messages besides making multi-calls wherever you are and whenever you want. You can associate every call number with a different sound or alert. Furthermore you can make it vibrate instead of ringing. The power of this tiny device is its ability to allow you to chat, to listen to music, to play games and to take photos. You can even use it as an alarm clock.

        Connectivity, on the other hand, makes this generation of mobile phones quite special. It makes accessibility to Internet easy. Moreover, you can connect it to various devices (with or without a cable), like to a computer for example so as to upload or download photos, wallpapers, screen-servers, videos, games, themes, melodies, ring tones, mp3 files and so on. Most importantly, you can use infra-red or Bluetooth functions for the same reasons. Bluetooth and infrared are two wireless protocols capable of connecting cell phones to a laptop or other mobile phones.

        All in all, mobile phones are still under rigorous ameliorations and their future utilities will surely be promising and more surprising. The next generation of cell phones will certainly be exceptional and will amaze us greatly.

Supervised by Abdessalami


        As you can see the assay is well-built. It respects the formal frame of good writings.
  • Thesis Statement
  • Supporting paragraphs
  • Conclusion
All these elements are employed so well to maintain cohesion and coherence and so the unity of the essay.

Thesis Statement

        Or the introductory paragraph has concisely introduced the topic the essay intends to talk about notably the astonishing nature of the new mobile phone generation and the qualities which make it so. The essay directly states the three main features which will be developed later in the core or the body of the writing. As there are only three characteristics which, according to it, characterizes the new generation of mobile phones, it’ll stick to that but it’ll elucidate each of them in a separate paragraph.
  1. size,
  2. options,
  3. connectivity.

Supporting Details

        Each of these items are supported through arguments and examples showing exactly how the new mobile phone is different in shape and as soon as the ideas concerning this specific point have completed, the essay directly shifts to the next paragraph which will tackle the next point and nothing else. Once the writer thought everything is said about the options, he closes the second paragraph to start the next which will talk specifically about connectivity. As the three paragraphs have covered the three stated points in the thesis statement, the writer has to close the essay.


        In this stage he prefers to close with a sort of anticipating idea that the progress and evolvement of the mobile phone will go on and new things are to appear in the near future. This sort of conclusion allows the possibility of reviewing the essay in few years time to talk about the novelties in the mobile phone industry. Thus, the essay bears the seeds of continuity.


        The essay never ceases to remind us of the Topic of the essay by repeating some words from time to time. This repetition is mild and even healthy. It is beneficial for both the writer in order to stick to the point and for the reader to be repetitively reminded of what is the topic about. The writer also uses almost the right reinforcing jargon to show his mastery of the subject and the reader will be confident that the writer knows exactly what he is talking about. Besides this, he uses the same category of adjectives to sustain the topic and keep connected to the subject. For instance the word "astonishing" mentioned in the thesis statement is echoed by "promising", "surprising", "exceptional" and "amaze" in the concluding paragraph to make the circle full. In a word, the vocabulary used is appropriate to the subject. Let alone punctuation which is used appropriately, too.


        The essay is full of linking words which foster smooth transitions and boost up understanding. "Unlike...", "Another...", "Despite...", "As for...", "besides", "Furthermore", "on the other hand", "Most importantly", "All in all" and thus the essay is eligible and easy to follow.

Wrapping up

        Taking the above quickly stated evaluating observations into consideration, the essay undoubtedly respects the form and content rules hence acceptable as a model essay.