Three people and four languages

        Mrs. Baker, the widow English businesswoman, has got three young intelligent daughters. Each one of them speaks a different language besides English, their mother tongue. Tania speaks Spanish, Julia speaks French and Nadia speaks German. The mother, Mrs Baker, is the owner of an interesting company that exports good English teapots. The children help her a lot. Tania has to travel to Latin America frequently. Nadia lives in Germany whereas Julia usually travels to Morocco because she likes the Moroccan English accent. She once told her mother that the merchants whose children study English at school can make it easy for English speaking tourists to understand the importance of their products and convince them buy some. That is why she invited her mother and sisters to join her to Morocco to spend some time in Marrakech. The taxi which drove them to the Koutoubia Mosque one day was an old one but it was comfortable and robust - very strong. The driver was really kind and generous. More than that, she speaks English well.



  1. Are these sentences true or false? JUSTIFY.
    1. Mrs Baker's husband is dead.   
    2. Her children are all boys.   
    3. They are English.   
    4. Nadia likes the Moroccan English accent.   
    5. The taxi driver is a man.   
  2. Answer these questions:
    1. What does Mrs Baker do?   
    2. How many children has she got?   
    3. Who speaks German?   
    4. Who speaks French?   
    5. Who speaks Arabic?   
    6. Who speaks Spanish?   
    7. Why did the Bakers go to Morocco?   
    8. What was the taxi like?   
    9. What do the following words refer to in the text?
      1. "them" in line (2)   
      2. "her" in line (6)   
      3. "them" in line (11)   
      4. "her" in line (12)   
      5. "one" in line (13)   
      6. "she" in line (15)   


  3. Complete the following sentences
    1. The company, exports teapots, is Mrs. Baker's
    2. The person owns the company is Mrs Baker.
    3. The Merchants children can speak English make it easy to sell their products.
    4. The taxi driver, the Bakers ask to take them to Koutoubia Mosque, was kind.
  4. Discussion:
    1. What does the word «robust» in line 10 mean? How could you know?
    2. Extract all the relative clauses from the text.
    3. Explain the title in few words.