Children use the internet for many purposes, including doing research for school papers and projects, staying in touch with friends through e-mail and chatting with them via messenger. As well as playing games with other children all over the world. There are endless entertaining possibilities online for kids looking for a way to spend their time and, while many of these options are safe, productive ways to spend time, others are not only unsuitable for kids but they are also dangerous.

            There are many ways that parents can protect their children from internet hazards. Parents can place the family computer in a central location with a lot of household traffic, the kitchen or living room, for example. Parents should also set up rules for internet use and let their children know which sites are appropriate and which ones are not. However, one of the most important things a parent can do is consider putting an internet filter on their computer.

            The internet has become a part and parcel of our life and depriving the children from it pretending it is full of dangers is not a wise decision at all. These potential dangers are not quite reasons enough to stop children from using the internet. You are robbing them from their future. Internet is a crucial factor in their preparation for adulthood and for life in general. A little supervision and a lot of sensitization will prevent any possible problem that might rise up at any stage of.children's surfing the web.




    1. Give a title to the text


    2. Answer these questions
      1. What do children use the internet for?


      2. Why should parents protect their children from the internet?


      3. In what way Internet is important for children?


    3. Are these sentences True or False? JUSTIFY.
      1. The internet allows children to meet each other online.


      2. It is difficult for parents to protect their children from the internet.


      3. We should not prevent children from using the internet.


    4. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?
      1. "they" (paragraph 2)    
      2. "ones" (paragraph 3)    
      3. "it" (paragraph 4)    
      4. "their" (paragraph 4)    


    5. Find in the text words or phrases that mean the same as:
      1. amusing (paragraph 1).   
      2. dangers (paragraph 2)   
      3. establish (paragraph 2)   
      4. probable (paragraph 3)   




    1. Write an e-mail to your English pen-pal talking about the Moroccan lifestyle.
    2. Write a paragraph about the reasons why some students drop out of school.
    3. Do we really need humour in our life? Write a paragraph giving reasons?