2ème Bac. Language Test 2 {May 2011} [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

2ème Bac. Language Test 2 {May 2011} [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]
2ème Bac | May 2011

Language Test (1)

  1. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given.

    1. Though he is audacious, he couldn't cross the river.
      In spite of
      In spite of

    2. Someone used to look after them.

    3. "Are you going to post the letter today?"
      She wanted to know
      She wanted to know

    4. I can not do this exercise.
      I wish
      I wish

    5. He was not a good manager; so, the company quickly closed down.

    6. Nobody could cross the river because it was deep.
      Due to
      Due to

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense or form.

    1. Before he signed the contract, he [ read ] it thoroughly.    
    2. By the time you turn 18, I [ retire ]    
    3. Would you mind [ take ] off your shoes?    
    4. He was doing his homework when he suddenly stopped [ watch ] TV.    

  3. Put the words between brackets in the correct tense or form.

    1. Those boys must join our team because they are [ vivacity ] .    
    2. Honest people's businesses are [ law ] .    
    3. They seem [ enthusiasm ] about joining our campaign to alleviate poverty.    
    4. Many associations are trying to boost [ literate ] in rural areas.    

  4. Match the words that go together to make collocations
    a. education
    1. civil b. citizenship
    2. renewable c. society
    d. energies

  5. Join these sentences using the words given.
    1. He speaks slowly. He wants to make himself clear.    ( so that )

    2. The boy loves reading. He likes drawing.     ( not only ... but ... as well )

  6. Match each sentence with its appropriate function.     [write the letters between the brackets]

    a. complaining
    1. "T ' la7" is a term used by Moroccan young people to end a phone call.b. certainty1. [ ]
    2. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.c. uncertainty2. [ ]
    3. I am sorry to say this but your car's engine is too loud. d. defining3. [ ]
    4. I doubt they can find out what was wrong with the robot.e. purpose4. [ ]
    f. apology

  7. Fill in the blank with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list

    hand in-look into-let down-come across-look up-pick up

    1. The students must their application forms before the end of this month.    
    2. You promised to attend her wedding party. Don't her .    


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