2ème Bac. Language Quiz 2 {Jan. 20010} [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]

2ème Bac. Language Quiz 2 {Jan. 20010} [Madrasati @ Abdessalami On_Line]
2ème Bac | Jan. 2010

Language & Writing


  1. Give the correct form of the words between brackets.

    1. The computer is the greatest technological [inventive] of the 20th century.    
    2. You should always look on the [optimism] side of life.    
    3. We all liked grandma's [humour] stories.    
    4. Science cannot explain some natural [phenomenon] .    
    5. He was the most [rebellion] child in the family.    
    6. The story is about an [audacity] soldier during World War I.    
    7. Thanks to technology, children have become more [innovation]     .
    8. That boy is the most [ambition] member in the family.    
    9. I know he can make it. He is such an [energy] young man.    

  2. Match the words that go together to make collocations
    1. critical a. solving
    2. civil b. credits
    3. problem c. thinking
    4. micro d. society
    5. rural b. pressure
    6. peer c. education
    7. generation d. areas
    8. formal d. conflict
    9. active b. development
    10. sustainable c. learning

  3. . Fill in the blanks with the words given:
    may-must-should have-ought to
    1. You ask your doctor before taking the medicine.    
    2. She attend the meeting. We're not so sure.   
    3. He booked a hotel room before taking the plane to Paris.    
    4. He was taken to hospital. He be seriously sick.    

  4. . Fill in the blanks with the words given:
    had to-must-should have-doesn't have to
    1. His family was very poor, so he leave school to look for a job.    
    2. He work. He is very rich.    
    3. He remembered that his guests don't eat pork.    
    4. Look at him! He is talking to himself. He be crazy.    

  5. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.
    1. We [already / have] dinner when my father came back home.    
    2. The mother asked the children [help] her with the housework.    
    3. You needn't [buy] the book if you have already got one.    
    4. I feel like [take] a walk on the beach right now.    
    5. I think we should let him [do] the exercise alone.    
    6. She told me that she [finish] . her project.    
    7. I'm sorry, I forgot [tell] . you that the meeting was postponed.    
    8. The machine suddenly stopped [work]    

  6. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list
    1. Humour is said to communication.    
    2. Parents are generally . They enjoy giving orders.    
    3. Sociable people are basically outgoing and    

  7. What do these sentences express? Much the numbers with the letters
    1. Would you mind filling in the form first?a. purpose
    2. It doesn’t concern me.b. request
    3. They bought eggs to make a birthday cake.c. agreeing
    4. I think this idea is absolutely right.d. cause and effect
    5. The bank went bankrupt hence many bankers lost their jobs.e. asking for clarification
    6. Could you elaborate on that?f. indifference




Write a paragraph on one of the following topics:

  1. Give three ideas about how we can solve family problems.
  2. Give three reasons why most youths prefer to travel abroad.
  3. Give three reasons why some students don't seem to like school.
  4. Give three possible ideas how to protect our environment.
  5. Give three reasons why some students cheat on exams.

Good Luck