Words you must know

These are words that you need to know for various reasons.


  1. A handwriting you cannot read is illegible / unreadable. [PAY ATTENTION TO THE SPELLING]
  2. Someone suitable; meeting the conditions; worthy of being chosen is eligible
  3. Something you cannot hear is inaudible
  4. Something you cannot see is invisible
  5. something you cannot believe is incredible / unbelievable.
  6. something you don't expect to happen is unpredictable
  7. something you cannot accept or admit is inadmissible
  8. something hard to apply or implement is inapplicable
  9. something you can eat is comestible / edible /eatable
  10. something that you can imagine or understand is conceivable / acceptable
  11. something you cannot carry out. not feasible, not applicable, not doable is unfeasible / infeasible
  12. a disease that cannot be cured or a habit that cannot be changed incurable
  13. something that you cannot avoid or evade is ineluctable / inevitable
  14. someone or something incapable of error or failure is infallible
  15. That you cannot defeat, overcome or subdue (like an army, a boxer, a wrestler) is invincible
  16. that whose immunity to attack is high, not feeble or fragile is invulnerable
  17. Someone who is just, unprejudiced, showing no favoritism to any side (like the judge) is impartial
  18. someone you cannot count, depend or rely on is unreliable # reliable
  19. The practice to have many wives is polygamy
  20. Property inherited from ancestors is patrimony
  21. General pardon is amnesty
  22. Loan means credit e.g. low-interest loans / high-interest loans
  23. patriarchal (adj) from patriarchy: a social system run or governed by males (father), not females # Matriarchal