This section includes a photo of some Albertsons private label items dating back to the 1980�s, and a floorplan of an Albertsons Store built in the late 1980�s, and remodeled (rearranged, no department relocations) in the late 1990�s.
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Albertsons Product Photos
Likely packages from the mid 1980's.
Citrus Heights, CA. Greenback at San Juan. Closed store as Ralphs. Notice the imprint of the Albertsons letters left where the oval Ralphs sign was. An unfortunate sign of failure for Ralphs in northern California.
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Albertsons 1980's Prototype
Floorplan of 1980's era Albertsons; Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA. Store was purchased by Ralphs in 1999 and closed in 2002. Re-opened as FoodsCo (Ralphs discount) later in 2002, with a modified floorplan. Floorplan from a Ralphs Store Directory.
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01/2004. Monte Mart.11th/Lacey, Hanford, CA. Some kind of discont brand operated by Albertsons. Only two locations currently left, this one and another in Porterville. Two locations (Salinas and Del Rey Oaks) were sold to Ralphs in 1999. There was also one of these stores in West Sacramento back in the 1970's or 1980's. Anyone with information on this brand and the history behind it, please contact me.
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