Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer is an innovative northwest retailer. Fred Meyer has embraced the supercenter concept for many years, much longer than Wal Mart, Kmart, or Target. Fred Meyer's stores are also much nicer, with a wider selection of higher quality, but higher ticket, merchandise than your typical Wal Mart, Kmart, or Target. The layout of these stores makes it possible to easily just visit one portion of the store, rather than being forced through the whole store just to get over to the milk or electronics department. Fred Meyer is currently owned by Kroger. While Kroger doesn't seem to be interested in expanding Fred Meyer outside the northwest, they have come up with a 90,000 square foot Fry's "marketplace" format store in Arizona which is sort of like a smaller version of the full size Fred Meyer. Kroger has also brought many Fred Meyer products and programs into their conventional grocery chains, including natural food, seasonal patio sets, seasonal electronics, and seasonal clothing. Fred Meyer Stores are more of a high-low operation for general merchandise, but a promotional  everyday low price operator for groceries. Product presentation and store appearance is miles ahead of the typical mass merchant.
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Floorplan for store in Grants Pass, OR. This is pretty much the standard floorplan for a Fred Meyer Store, as far as major department placement and entrance/exit placement go at least.

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