Holiday Quality Foods
Holiday Quality Foods

Holiday is a chain of about 24 stores operating in rural northern California. The stores are generally smaller and located in less populated, rural areas, but still feature ample perimeter departments and a larger specialty/natural product mix than most of the competition. Typically good neighborhood stores located in a spot where you really wouldn�t expect to find a store. They also operate one discount format store in Quincy called Sav-Mor Foods (photo coming soon). Their store in Cottonwood, which is where their corporate headquarters is located, has probably the only Holiday Mini Mart/Gas Station in existance at this point.
1. Burney, CA storefront
Photo taken 07/2003.
2. Cottonwood, CA Fuel Center
Photo taken 07/2003. Canopy view. Adjacent building houses a full mini-mart, not just a kiosk to pay at.
3. Cottonwood, CA Fuel Price Sign
Photo taken 07/2003. Interesting program where you get a 15cent/gallon discount with a $75 grocery purchase.

07/2003. Burney, CA Storefront. Main Street.
07/2003. Fuel center sign in front of store in Cottonwood, CA on Rhonda Road. Note generous 15cent/gallon discount with 75.00 grocery purchase. 

07/2003. Fuel center, Cottonwood, view of pumps and canopy.
12/2003. Sav Mor, Quincy, CA.
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