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Lucky Stores were converted to Albertsons on November 3, 1999. The sudden conversions were interesting to say the least. The ad campaign was "Great service and low prices together like never before." The promotion idea was the stores would have the low prices of Lucky, with the great service (something I never noticed) that Albertsons was supposedly known for. I´┐Żll refrain from making any other comments about how Albertsons handled the Lucky Stores execution, I mean "marriage."
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September 1999. These started showing up in random places around the Lucky Stores for customers to take. It is interesting to note that that NorCal Division Head was no longer working for Albertsons by mid 2000. Given the way the stores were notified that they would be Albertsons (managers got about a week and a half notice and other employees got a few days, although there was much advance speculation), I suspect when writing this letter to customers, the Lucky NorCal Head had no idea that the store banner would be changing. Although the plug about Albertsons being known for service does make me wonder.
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Promotional foam ice chest. Purchased April 2000.
01/2004, Texas Street, Fairfield, CA.The two below photos are of a former Lucky Store. The bottom photo shows an example of the decor package that was present in virtually all of the Lucky Stores from the mid 1990's.
October 2002. Broadway Street. A very old, very small former Lucky Store in Placerville, CA. Definitly a winner as far as customer traffic goes. Too bad there is no room to expand.
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