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Ralphs had one of the most extensive private label lines in the business when Kroger purchased them. The black/white design dates back to the mid 1980�s. Ralphs developed Private Selection as a premium label in the mid 1990�s. Kroger has since taken Private Selection national (and taken all the credit for it, too). Ralphs also developed the Buena Comida line, a line of hispanic foods and spices. Kroger has expanded this product line to other divisions as well. Ralphs, in conjunction with Fred Meyer, developed the Perfect Choice line to be used for health and beauty and over the counter medication items within all Fred Meyer owned stores (Ralphs, Smiths, Food4Less SoCal, Fred Meyer, QFC, Price Rite, Cala/Bell, FoodsCo, Smitty�s). Perfece Choice has been discontinued, replaced with Kroger brand.

Many grocery items at Ralphs are also slowly converting over to the Kroger label, but Ralphs still has many items in modern Kroger-format packaging that still say Ralphs, unlike other Kroger divisions such as Smiths, where it is a real search to find something other than milk or bread that doesn�t say Kroger.
This section contains Ralphs, Private Selection, and Perfect Choice items.

Private Selection, while no longer found on the photographed items, has been rolled out nationwide by Kroger as a premium quality label. Ralphs seemed willing to put decent quality high turning items on PS, while Kroger prefers to have it only on slow turning premium items.
More random Ralphs items. Whatever I could find sitting around.

Light background on green beans is because they are a light (no salt added) item.
More items in the mid 1980's package design. The frozen raspberry lemonade (bottom center) is probably newer, like late 1990's, since that wasn't a house brand item back in the 1980's. Notice the difference in that package design compared to the one above it. Much less black, more like yellow overload.
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