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Myrtle Point, OR
This store is located in Myrtle Point, OR. This store is very small, and has the late 1980�s style interior with a white, gray, and red color scheme. The store doesn�t look like it has received much investment at all since it opened probably 40 years ago. The exterior letters look like they might not be original.
1. Exterior front. Taken 07/2003.
Note the green shopping carts out front. The bumpers on some contained old �SS� stickers. Also, all of the carts referred to the California Shopping Cart law. Looks like Safeway dug these carts out of somewhere and shipped them up to rural Oregon.
2. Exterior side. Taken 07/2003. (above). 3. Buggy sign (below)
Ashland, OR
This store is located on Sisquo Blvd. In Ashland, OR. A larger store, it has been remodeled recently inside and has large perishable departments. Safeway recently announced intentions to either rebuild this store, or relocate it to another site elsewhere, I�m guessing due to performance problems. Maybe if Safeway added in some natural foods to fit the local community, the store would do fine as it is. This place was merchandised just like a standard Safeway, which didn�t look to be cutting it around there.
1. Exterior front. Taken 07/2003.
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