Historic Safeway Stores in Nevada

Sparks, NV

Located at the intersection of Prater and North McCarran, this store opened in the late 1970�s. It received a remodel of some kind in the mid 1980�s, and today retains that same look, with few changes. I haven�t seen a Safeway with an interior quite like this one anywhere else; neon departmental signage and giant blow-up photos of food hanging between the neon.
11/2001. Photo of storefront. Surrounding shopping center has been remodeled and all trees removed. The store remains the same. No upgrades.
11/2001. Sign in front of store. The current Safeway sign was damaged my major winds in early 2003, and replaced with a newer, but very cheap, looking sign. When the next winds came through, the new sign was again destroyed and replaced with a similar cheap looking sign.
04/2002. Photo taken in back of store near loading dock area. This old sign remains, nothing like this out front. The sign is no longer lighted at night.
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