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Note to Students, local or otherwise:
This history site has been compiled as an aid in your research, not as a substitute for it. Please take notes, paraphrase, cite, and of course jump right into your own research. (See one of search engines, below.) I especially recommend Cottonwood`s own library on Main Street, the Boggs Collection at the Main Library in Redding, and the local books by Dottie Smith, Hazel McKim and the late Ed Petersen. In addition, you will likely be helped by the works (or websites) listed below. Finally, I want you to feel free to copy from my pages here, but be sure to follow your teachers` standards for citing works. Get in the habit. (It may help you later on when you write the book on OUR time and era!)


Of what value is man's life if it is not connected with
the life of his predecessors by the records of antiquity.


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America's First Cowboy
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el vaquero Californio

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